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Our firm handles all aspects of reorganization for insolvent companies, bankruptcy proceedings and creditors arrangements. We manage liquidation processes, including: nominating a temporary liquidator; staying legal procedures and removing attachments against the company; submitting reports to the various tribunals and requests for instructions; dealing with the Official Receiver and dealing with other authorities (including the tax and municipal authorities, etc.); filing lawsuits on behalf of the liquidator and establishing a collection framework; implementing the liquidator’s investigation authority; selling assets; handling debt claims; finalizing the liquidation procedure and; if necessary, filing for bankruptcy.

Our track record in the field of reorganization plans includes: the rescue plan of Yehuda Silberberg Ltd. (the second biggest home textiles exporter in Israel), the rescue plan of the Mario Laznik Building Society (one of the biggest building societies), the restructuring of loans with Israeli banks, etc.

Our track record in the field of liquidations includes some of the largest cases in Israel. Our firm handled all the affairs relating to the liquidation of S. Dunhill General Industries of Israel (a US$ 100 million + fraud case), as well as the liquidations of the Matok group (food wholesaler), Spandex Israel (chemicals) and Orisol (high-tech), etc.

For further details, please enter our case studies page.