Insolvency and Corporate Recoveries

Our Firm handles all aspects related to the reorganization of insolvent companies, bankruptcy proceedings and creditors’ arrangements.

Our Firm has extensive experience in conducting liquidation proceedings for creditors or companies subject to the proceedings, including proceedings to appoint a temporary liquidator, delay of legal proceedings and removal of foreclosures against the company, submission of reports and requests for instructions to various courts, representation before the official liquidator and multiple authorities (including tax authorities, municipal authorities and more), filing claims on behalf of the liquidator, creating a collection system, applying the liquidator’s investigative authority, selling assets, handling debt claims, completing the liquidation procedure and, if required, filing for bankruptcy.

Our achievements in reorganizations include the recovery plan of Yehuda Zilberberg Ltd. (Israel’s second largest exporter of home textile products), the recovery plan of the Mario Laznik construction group (one of Israel’s largest construction companies), various debt redeployment arrangements and business customer loans (with a scope of hundreds of millions of NIS).

Our achievements in liquidation include some of the most prominent cases in Israel. Our Firm handled all matters relating to the liquidation of Dunhill General Industries in Israel (a fraud case of more than $100 million), the liquidations of the Matok Group (food wholesale), Spandex Israel (Chemicals), Orisol Israel (hi-tech) and more.